Chrono Killer


The characters from Chrono Trigger are back in a new adventure



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Chrono Killer is a beat'em up where players control all the legendary Chrono Trigger characters, along with a few guest stars, to prevent the world from coming to an end – again.

As in the original Chrono Trigger, players travel to different historical periods: pre-history, the Middle Ages, the present, the future, and others. In each of these scenarios, you'll obviously find enemies fitting in with the period.

Each of the characters you can control has both normal and special attacks. So while Chrono uses his katana, Marle will use his powerful crossbow, and Luca her characteristic pistol. They all also have a special magic attack capable of sweeping the screen of enemies.

The guests characters are a bit strange. Chrono, Magus, and company are joined by no less than Trunks and Samurai Jack, two charismatic characters who'll also cause havoc among the enemy with their swords.

Chrono Killer is a fun arcade beat'em up that will especially appeal to fans of Chrono Trigger, one of the most beloved RPGs of the 16-bit era.
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